Complete Turnkey Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

There are many demanding deliberations based on the plan for the level of production volumes and type of production in the PCB assembly project. To make sure that no criteria are overlooked and missed upon, we scrutinize and analyze all the aspects of your PCB projects. Our flexibility to use human resource and machines with moderate technologies proves our reliability to load the project at the right time and economy.

With Eastwin PCB’s Full Turnkey, PCB, & PCB-Assembly capability, you can go from concept to product to market in just a few easy steps. Send your BOM file and get a Full Turnkey, PCB, or PCB-Assembly price for components, labor and bare boards; it’s that simple. Our team of procurement specialists scours their sources to locate the exact parts you’re looking for, at the best price available on any given day. With Eastwin PCB’s Full Turnkey, PCB, & PCB-Assembly capabilities, we can take your most complex project and turn it around for you within a single day. We offer full turnkey, PCB, PCB-Assembly quotes online or over the phone. Our PCB’s Full Turnkey ‘Solution’ includes PCB design, PCB, PCB-Assembly and DFM engineering assistance. Eastwin Trading also provides inspection, test, and beyond, including box build and final pcb assembly if desired.

We have adopted flexibility to provide prototyping services with  partial turnkey assembly wherein the components and all the inputs needed in the PCB manufacturing as per the specifications in the BOM and Gerber File are being arranged by us fully or partially.

Our core focus is to give optimal cost effective inventory management services with a dynamic approach to utilization of manpower and machine as it is totally dependent on the low or high run production with accurate results. Our global outlay has made it possible to adopt an effective procurement process of the components used in the PCB production to toss around the ease and difficulty in obtaining those components.

Eastwin Trading Ltd Full PCB Services include:

Prototype Assembly

We offer prototype assembly for surface mount, through hole and mixed PCB assemblies. Prototypes can also be manufactured either leaded or lead free.

BGA, QFN and Surface Mount Assembly

Our surface mount capabilities include BGA, QFN and fine pitch components. Automated assembly processes are used throughout the manufacturing cycles to ensure consistent, sustained quality coupled with optimum manufacturing costs.

Mixed Technology and Through Hole Assembly

We have full capability for through-hole and mixed technology assembly. We also offer a host of supporting services such as conformal coating, encapsulation and device programming.

PCB Testing

We utilize AOI (automated optical inspection) to ensure any defects in manufacturing can be identified and corrected prior to delivery. We also work with customers to develop unique functional testing for more complex test requirements.

How to obtain a Turnkey PCB Assembly Quote ?

You can obtain a PCB & PCB-Assembly or Full Turnkey quote by emailing us your Gerbers & BOM for RFQ at call us at +86-755-23573370-833 if you need further us today

Eastwin Trading  Ltd is all about delivering your printed circuit boards and assemblies on time, and providing excellent quality.

We appreciate your business, and look forward to serving you.