Ten Common problems About PCB Design

PCB design is based on the circuit principle diagram, circuit designers to achieve the required functions.Good layout can reduce production cost, achieve good performance in the process of PCB design and thermal performance, we should pay attention to the following questions:

First of all, overlapping pad
In the process of drilling, because some bit of drilling wire is damaged, so the pad (except for the outside surface mounting pad) overlap, means of overlapping hole, cause the damage of the hole.
Two holes on the plywood overlap, such as used for separating plate hole, used to connect plate (petals) another hole, make after tensile membrane showed separation plate, lead to waste.
Second, graphics layer of abuse
1, in some pattern layer made some unnecessary link, the four layer board originally designed for at least five lines, misleading.
2, the method of design simple Protel software as an example of layer, layer must draw the line with the board and the other a layer of paint mark line board, as the drawing data, because no choice plate layer, lack of connection and disconnection, or due to choose size line board short circuit, thus the design of the graphics layer of intact and clear.
3, in violation of the traditional design, such as design element in bottom layer welding surface design Top, not convenient.

Third, misplaced
1, character cover solder SMD soldering terminal, the continuity of welded components testing and PCB is not convenient.
2, the character design is too small, which causes the difficulty in screen printing, make the characters too much overlap, it is difficult to distinguish.

Four, single mat aperture Settings
1, one side welding plate is generally not drilling, drilling should be marked, if the aperture should be designed to zero.If the design value, then when produce borehole data, the hole location coordinates, and problems.
2, one side welding plate such as drilling should state so.

Five, paint pad with packing blocks
When designing circuit, through the DRC drawing pad and filling piece, but the process is not enough, so when filling area covered with resistance welding flux, class cannot directly produce resistance on the solder flux data, which causes the difficulty in welding device.
Sixth, the power and the formation of flower is connection pad
Because solder is success rate of design mode, the image formation and the actual PCB is on the contrary, all connections are separation line, the designer should be very clear.In this way, the power to learn or several groups of the separation of a few parts of the line should be careful not to leave gaps, so two power supply circuit, lead to the area not blocking the connection (a set of power separation) to do.

Seven, unclear definition of the level of processing
1, a single panel design on the TOP floor and didn’t do the pros and cons to explain, for example, can be installed on the system board and welding equipment.
2, for example, using four TOP layer board design, mid1, mid2, bottom four, but processing is not according to the order placed, the need to explain.

Eight, the design is too much or hair filled block filling
1, to generate gerber data must be lost, gerber data is incomplete.
2, because things when drawing the data processing is to draw a line, so the amount of light produced by the large amount of data, increasing the difficulty of data processing.

Nine, surface-mount devices welding plate is too short
This is in terms of continuity test, surface-mount devices is too tight, the foot spacing is relatively small, plate is very thin, installation and test pins must be up and down (or so) crisscross position, such as welding plate design is too short, will not affect the device installed at the same time, the wrong place but I can’t open the test pin.

Ten, large areas of the grid spacing is too small
Consisting of a large area and the line between the grid lines are too small (less than 0.3 mm), the edge of PCB manufacturing process, through the figure after completion of the steps in the film is easy to appear a lot of broken membrane attached to the plate, bolt.

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