Unique Quickturn PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly

Are you looking for a reliable quick turn printed circuit board assembly house that can meet your strict deadlines and requirements? Let EastwinPCB handle your next turnkey PCB project. Send us your Gerber and BOM files zipped up with a read-me to get a formal quote. We can quote both prototype and production quantities along with varied lead times. We look forward to working with you and your company.

End-to-End Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

As a leading electronic contract manufacturer, we at EastwinPCBA provide a complete range of PCB assembly services from prototype to production:

All our equipment are UL approved, and we also create circuit boards that are RoHS compliant. Rest assured that EastwinPCBA will provide circuit board assemblies that will meet all global quality standards and certifications.

Regardless of the printed circuit board assembly services you choose, we strive to provide fast production and delivery of quality circuit boards within minimum time. Contact us to know more.

Eastwinpcba ‘s Quick Turn PCB Assembly Service Include:

.We provide seamless continuity and consistent quality from fabrication to assembly specializing in small quantity engineering prototypes with expedited turntimes. Selling to over 1,000 active assembly customers gives us unparalleled experience in adapting to every customer’s unique needs and requirements.

Our staff brings well over 15 years of PCB assembly experience, and understands what it takes to meet your project deadlines. We look forward to earning your trust and loyalty!

EastwinPCBA’s Quick Turn PCB Assembly Services

Our vast experience in PCB Assembly industry has helped us assemble PCBs to the desired specifications. We try to combine quality, deadlines, and budget to build industry-leading PCBs. We believe our leading footprint in the industry is due to the following capabilities:

Quick Turn PCB Assembly Services
Basic Prototypes
Low-Volume Prototypes
Comprehensive Prototypes
Ideal for
Verifying Standard Prototypes
Fully Assembled PCBS
Verifying Complex Circuits
Lead Times
10 Days
10-20 Days
1-10 Days
25 and Under
Ideal for 25- 5000
Ideal for Quantities up to 25
Surface Mount (SMT)
Mixed Technology (SMT/Thru-Hole)
Single or double sided placement
Parts Procurement
Partial Turnkey Turnkey Kitted/Consigned
Solder Types
Lead-free/RoHS compliant Leaded
Nano-coating Laser cut stainless steel
Other Capabilities
Repair and Rework Services
Mechanical Assembly
Box Build/Electromechanical Assembly

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EastwinPCB ‘s Quick Turn PCB Assembly to  Save Time

We provides reliable quick turn PCB assembly services for all types of PCBs and PCB technologies. We help our customers reduce their lead times, and minimize their dependency on manually designed PCBs.Our quick turn PCB services are designed to provide utmost customer satisfaction. We provide assistance right from the quotation to delivery phase. In addition to that, our experienced engineers will help you solve any complex issues pertaining to printed circuit boards.

How To Obtain a Quote for your Quick Turn PCB Assembly

You can easily place a small-volume order and obtain a PCB assembly quote. Simply forward your BOM list and Gerber files to mike@szeastwin.com.cn We will reply quickly.