PCB Repair and Rework Services

PCB repair and rework  services is as essential a process as manufacturing.. With PCB-driven electronic assemblies gaining popularity, OEMs and other manufacturers cannot afford to have non-working or broken PCBs. Ensuring that any design flaw or damaged PCB component is repaired immediately will help maintain the PCB’s performance.we help our clients to maintain their PCBs in a good working condition. Since our inception, we have been continually offering printed circuit board repair and rework services from our fully equipped facility.

Eastwin Trading Ltd offers Repair and Rework Services including:

We provide PCB rework and repair services for three types of assemblies – BGA, Surface Mount (SMT) pcb assembly, and Plated through Assemblies.

BGA Repair Services:
Lifted BGA pad repair
Ball grid array reballing
BGA solder mask repair
Component replacement and salvaging
Design changes in BGA circuit patterns

SMT Repair Services:

Reflow of SMT components
SMT rework using laser system
Reapplication of solder paste onto substrate
Rework profile development for component removal/replacement

PTH Repair Services:
Surface preparation
Mechanical swaging and eyelet replacement
Removal and reapplication of solder masks
Adding missing mount holes (for populated boards)
Drilling inner ground layers (for populated boards)
Stripping and replacement of contaminated gold finger contacts

The Advantage of Eastwin’s Printed Circuit Board Repair and Rework Services

Our customers can accrue a variety of benefits by availing our PCB board repair services:

  • We serve industrial segments such as aeronautical, military and satellite, semiconductors, LEDs, etc. All these industrial segments use highly accurate PCBs. We understand our customer expectations regarding superior quality PCBs. Hence, our PCB rework services are handled by our technicians who are well-known for their expertise, and experiences. We use the most advanced tools, as well as materials, and follow IPC recommended procedures.
  • Depending on the nature of repair, we can deliver reworked circuit boards within 24-48 days.
  • Each repair and rework process starts with a thorough analysis. This helps us understand the nature of repair, and decide the cost. There are no hidden charges. We always let our clients know the charges.
  • We provide 100% satisfaction guarantee on our repair and rework services.

We provide all round PCB rework and repair services to our customers. To know more about our PCB repair and rework services or PCB assembly services, you can call us at +86-75523573370, or email us at mike@szeastwin.com.cn. We will get back to you within the short time.