PCB Testing and Inspection Services to Make Sure Quality High PCB Assembly

Quality is the primary goal of PCB manufacturing. The better the PCB quality, the better will be its application performance. This important factor can only be realized via testing and inspection.

At EastwinPCBA, we strive to provide high quality PCB assemblies in quick turnaround time. To ensure optimum quality, our PCBs are closely inspected and tested throughout their design and manufacturing stages. We have the right equipment and experienced staff capable of testing PCBs to ensure that they offer exceptional performance when used in industrial applications.

EastwinPCBA’s PCB Testing and Inspection Capabilities

Solder Paste Inspection – This is done to check solder paste deposition. This helps in detection of solder joint defect or improper solder paste printing.

Automated Optical Inspection – We use this inspection method to:

  • Inspection system can be installed in the production line itself
  • Process problems related to soldering and assembly detected early
  • Early problem detection can lead to lesser instances of refuse device manufacturing
  • Parametric test procedures can be used to classify PWBs, solder joints, and PCB components

In-Circuit Test – The test is done to detect open circuits, wrong value components, wrong polarities, current leakages, and defective components in the board. Also, this testing helps in analyzing the performance of components like resistance and capacitance, among many others.

  • Easy detection of PCB defects
  • Can be programmed for different PCB designs and service
  • Test results can be easily understood by the customer
  • Additional hardware like cameras can be installed to provide improved testing solutions

Flying Probe – Generally, this test is employed to check prototypes and small volume builds. It is an easy and cost-effective testing method widely employed for detecting irregularities in the assembly.

X-Ray Testing – This is best suited for detecting voids, shorts, and insufficient fill in a board.
Functional Test – Functional testing equipment checks a variety of aspects. The test is conducted to identify any functional defects within a printed circuit board assembly.

  • Quick and user-friendly
  • Ability to view solder joints under BGA packages
  • Scan can include reconstruction of circuit board layers
  • Can be configured as an in-line or offline system depending on delivery deadline

Burn-in Test – This test is done to ensure that the PCB can perform consistently even when exposed to aggressive industrial and environmental conditions.

Although we strive to provide fast and turnkey PCB assembly services, we never compromise on quality. By providing quality PCB testing and inspection services, we strive to exceed client expectations. The better the quality of the PCBs, the higher will be their operational performance. Exceptional PCB quality can only be realized via stringent checking and inspecting.With these services, EastwinPCBA meets client expectations in producing quality PCB products. Please contact us to receive detailed information about our services.

If you have any queries about our PCB assembly and testing processes, feel free to contact us. You can call us at 224.653.4000, or send an email at mike@szeastwin.com.cn.