Water Dispenser Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Water dispensers keep water cold with a refrigerated bowl or an ice core that won’t water down your beverages like submerged ice will.

Water Dispenser PCB Assembly
Water Dispenser PCB Assembly

EastwinPCBA provides its customers with access to Water Dispenser PCB Assembly.  With advanced automated lines,  SMT devices are a cinch.  BGAs, QFPs, double-sided SMT, through-hole, MIL connectors, high-mix/low-quantity, all fall within EastwinPCBA’s PCB board assembly capabilities.  B.O.M. management and inventory control services help the customer to streamline their procurement process.  All provided in a fully certified and traceable system.

Water Dispenser PCB Assembly Capabilities

ITEM Device Name Model Brand Name Qty Remarks
1 Full Automatic Screen Printer DSP-1008 DESEN 8
2 SMT Machine YG200 YAMAHA 5 8 SMT Line
3 SMT Machine YV100XG YAMAHA 3
4 SMT Machine YG100XGP YAMAHA 19
5 SMT Machine YV88 YAMAHA 5
6 Reflow Soldering 8820SM NOUSSTAR 4
7 Reflow Soldering XPM820 Vitronics Soltec 3
8 Reflow Soldering NS-800 II JT 1
9 Solder Paste Inspection REAL-Z5000 REAL 1
10 Automatic Optical Inspection System B486 VCTA 3
11 Automatic Optical Inspection System HV-736 HEXI 5
12 X-Ray AX8200 UNICOMP 1
13 BGA Re-work MS8000-S MSC 1
14 Universal 4*48-pindrive concurrent multiprogramming system Beehive204 ELNEC 3
15 Automatic Plug-In machines XG-3000 SCIENCGO 2
16 Automatic wave soldering system WS-450 JT 1 3 DIP LINE
17 Automatic wave soldering system MS-450 JT 2

We Also offer the following PCB assembly services:

Quick-turn prototype assembly

Turn-key PCB assembly

SMT PCB Assembly

– Partial turn-key PCB assembly

Consigned PCB  assembly

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Box Build Assembly

BGA Assembly Services

EastwinPCBA is known for providing a vast PCB Assembly with different designs, capabilities, and specifications. We understand the importance of good quality PCBs, and thus have always been keen on the quality we provide.
For more than 15 years now, we have been providing prompt service to a huge client base comprising various industries. The PCB services that we provide are all available at competitive prices.If you would like to know more about our PCB assembly services, contact via telephone at +86-755-23573370-833, or email us your questions at mike@szeastwin.com.cn.

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