Printed Circuit Boards Assembly For Renewable New Energy

Renewable new energy is a daily discussion both in business and at leisure, whether it’s recycling of our waste or finding new ways to become ever efficient in our working lives. When it comes to the energy sector, Eastwin Trading Ltd  realize the importance of creating devices that will help companies to reduce their environmental footprint, improve quality, and enhance performance. Our printed circuit board assemblies support various applications within the energy industry. Eastwin Trading Ltd is seeing this sector as an exciting opportunity following success across the design through to full electronics manufacture

Eastwin ‘S  Renewable New Energy PCB Assembly Services

At Eastwin delivering innovative technological solution and always remaining a step ahead has been our primary focus. Markets evolve quickly and technologies keep on changing very quickly, especially in the field of electronic circuit board manufacturing. Therefore, this requires a continual emphasis on understanding the requirement, investment, perseverance, partnerships and to keep on acquiring new areas of expertise in electronic device manufacturing. With our continual quest for knowledge and better ways to bring your product to market, we are an ideal partner to provide you with electronics manufacturing services for your emerging technologies in mechatronics, green energy, renewable, solar, wind, geothermal energies as well as and nanotechnology.

Our designing and manufacturing capabilities prove that we are a one stop shop for your PCB assembly needs. We can take on projects that have intricate and specific requirements, and fulfill them all. Right from rigid and flexible construction, single double sided or multilayered assemblies, to mixed technology of SMT, PTH, and SMOBC.

At Eastwin Trading Ltd, you can be assured of receiving standard and custom printed circuit board assemblies that will met your energy requirements. If you would like to know more about our products and capabilities, please contact us via telephone at +86-755-23573370-833, or via email at

The Following is the Application of Eastwin ‘S New Energy PCB Assembly

Control System PCBA Board

Rigid-Flex Board for Air purify device

Volume Control PCB Circuit Board

Game Machine PCBA Circuit Board

Door opener PCB Board for Pet House

Coffee Maker PCBA Board

Eastwin is One-stop New Energy PCB and PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Our manufacturing systems are designed to ensure that there is little waste creation and reduced consumption of water and electricity. This allows us to create eco-friendly and reliable circuit board assemblies that efficient, cost-effective and durable.

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