Bluetooth Printed Circuit Board Assembly

The Bluetooth speaker is one of the more exciting innovations of the wireless technology era. The best of these handy and increasingly durable speakers provide excellent sound, recharge quickly. Bluetooth speaker fits in birthday parties, Classrooms, karaoke singing, Clubs & Resorts, Banquet Hall, and many more indoor/outdoor functions / get to gathers.

Bluetooth Speaker PCB Assembly
Bluetooth Speaker PCB Assembly

Also, you can choose what’s easiest for you – control sound, volume, and tracks with a button on the top of the speaker.
EastwinPCBA is specialized in all kinds of PCB&PCBA manufacturing for car Bluetooth speaker, smart watch, wireless sounds transceiver, car charger, air purifier.

EastwinPCBA’s PCB Assembly Services Provided

We have an expertise in a wide range of PCB assembly services, and this has helped us reach to the level that we are at today. Following are the different areas in which we can provide you PCB assembly services:

  1. Lead Free Assembly
  2. Through-Hole PCB Assembly
  3. Surface Mount PCB Assembly
  4. Turnkey PCB assembly
  5. Mixed Technology PCB Assembly
  6. Quick Turn PCB Assembly
  7. Cable and Wire Harness Assembly
  8. Box Build Assembly
  9. BGA Assembly Services
  10. Consigned PCB Assembly

EastwinPCBA’s Bluetooth Speaker PCB Assembly Samples

Bluetooth PCB Assembly

Mini Bluetooth SPeaker PCB Circuit Board

Bluetooth Speaker PCB Assembly

EastwinPCBA is known for providing a vast assortment of PCBs with different designs, capabilities, and specifications. We understand the importance of good quality PCB boards and thus have always been keen on the quality we provide. For more than 15 years now, we have been providing prompt service to a huge client base comprising various industries. The PCBs and services that we provide are all available at competitive prices.If you would like to know more about our PCB assembly services, contact via telephone at +86-755-23573370-833, or email us your questions at