Innovative PCB Assembly Solutions for Electronics Application

Eastwin's PCB Assembly for Electronic Industry
Eastwin’s PCB Assembly for Electronic Industry

Industrial electronics is an industry that is witnessing immense growth. This is due to the demand for electronic products of high quality for various applications. The demand for these products also results in a higher demand for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) to support these equipment. As they will be used in multiple equipment, the PCBs need to be designed to exact specifications to meet the application requirement. EastwinPCBA provides solution driven printed circuit boards to meet the needs of tough industrial applications . We have extensive knowledge and experience in providing printed circuit boards to organizations in oil and gas, solar, factory automation, and printing industries.

Eastwin PCB Assembly Capabilities

We design our printed circuit boards to withstand the wear and tear of extremely harsh industrial environments. They are manufactured with materials that can resist corrosion, and the effects of heavy chemicals, acids, and vapors.  We have the capabilities to provide low, medium, and high PCB assemblies. We can also complete turnkey PCB solutions.
Our PCB assembly capabilities include:

  • Through-hole assembly
  • Lead free PCB assembly
  • Quick turn PCB assembly
  • On site firmware programming
  • Auto-calibration for SMT lines
  • Component placement to 7-mil pitch
  • Rigid, flex, and multi-layer PCB assembly
  • X-ray laminography, and optical inspection
  • High layer and ultra-dense component counts
  • Automated and manual component placement
  • Laser alignment, and vision systems for SMT placement
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified compliant facility

Types of PCB Electronic Product Applications

EastwinPCBA’s industrial printed circuit boards can be used in a variety of industrial electronic product. These include:

  • Graphic Production Equipment
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Power Supplies Equipment
  • Wireless Networking Transformers
  • UPS and Battery Systems
  • Programmable Logic Controllers

With our innovative PCB solutions, we aim to improve your time to market for industrial electronic products. We offer complete testing and part trace-ability, and deliver top quality PCB products at competitive prices.