What is PCB E-TEST ?

E-Electronic test for PCB is very important,Through E test, since there is only PCB PCB can be used 100%.
All PCB Eastwin manufacturing through the electronic testing before the final quality control.
Electronic test shortens the electrical test.
Electronic testing process to ensure that all the PCB before delivery to the customer without short circuit or open circuit,
How many kind of test method for Electronic test ?

There are two ways of PCB testing process

1. Flying probe test
By flying probe testing machine for testing.
Slowly flying probe test, and its test PCB connection network one by one.
A long time, generally cost 1-3 minutes.For 1 PCS.
1.The cost is low
2. Don’t need to do a fixed testing tools
3. Low delivery time.

This type of PCB testing is use for small batch order on PCB prototype.

2. Fix tooling testing

By this testing style means PCB fixture testing machine testing.Time is 1 PCS of short circuit or panel, always in 5 to 10 seconds.But need to make a test fixture for each type of PCB.This is not economic for PCB prototype, therefore, fixed mold test is suitable for batch production orders.
The test fixture reusable repeat order.

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