PCB Assembly Solutions for Complex Telecommunication

The telecommunication industry constantly pushes the boundaries in terms of networking and other telecom products. it requires a very wide range of PCBs, driving devices in stable office environments to extreme outdoor weather and temperature conditions. The telecom sector consists of land wired communication systems, wireless systems, Mass storage systems, digital and analog broadcasting systems, cell phone tower systems, and mobile communication systems.

Eastwin Trading Ltd has been a major quick turn solutions provider for the Telecommunication industry. We have the capabilities to provide printed circuit board assemblies of varied designs, volumes, and capabilities to meet customer requirements.

The Following is Eastwin’s Printed Circuit Board Applications:

  • Phone switching systems
  • Signal boost online systems
  • Cell transmission and tower electronics
  • Wireless industrial and commercial phone technology
  • High speed routers and servers
  • Satellite technology
  • Space communications technology
  • Military communications systems
  • Video collaboration
  • Information security technology
  • PBX systems
  • Voice over internet protocol

Eastwin Trading Ltd is destined for taking next generation path breaking move in the telecommunication industry with integrated user experience with a unique set of challenges in up gradation and modifications in networks and applications worldwide. Our prolonged goal is to serve our customers with electronic telecom solutions for development in telecommunication industry and to create advanced IT applications for our customers globally.

To acquaint with TechnoTronix, reach us at mike@szeastwin.com.cn to get more information for PCB assembly services for electrical telecom applications or prototypes!