PCB Assembly Solutions for the  Critical Medical Equipment Industry

The Medical Electronic Device manufacturing industry is facing intense competition across all levels of the market. The industry is responding with a high degree of innovation in product design / manufacturing and is taking healthcare to the next level through advancements in technology.The same goes for printed circuit boards as well. Medical PCBs need to be designed to provide enough power to the device, ensure stability, and continual performance.

Eastwin Trading Ltd  is a known name in the medical industry for providing cutting edge circuit board assemblies that aid medical instrumentation in critical applications. Our turnkey assemblies provide technological solutions for medical products used in Government and private medical facilities.

At Eastwin, we have the capabilities to assemble any type of circuit board design regardless of size, shape, or application . Our advancedt facility consists of the latest in surface mount technology for designing and manufacturing custom turnkey production assemblies that can meet the requirements of various medical applications

Eastwin Trading Ltd Offers the following capabilities to our customers:

SMT or PTH technology
Cable assemblies
Fine pitch components
Full vision alignment for ultra high pitch assemblies
Multiple, linked continuous flow production lines

Applications Involving Medical Printed Circuit Boards
There are a variety of applications that utilize printed circuit board assemblies for their operation.

EMG activity systems
CT Scanning Systems
Heart and Blood Pressure Monitors
X-Ray and Tomography Equipment

Eastwin has extensive PCB design / assembly / prototype manufacturing capabilities and uses the latest software platforms. Hands on in providing personalized services for your PCB projects are a tradition at Eastwin. We are available to come on site to work directly with your engineering team and assuring improved communication between the designer and engineer.

For more information and to find out how we can assist you, email us your queries mike@szeastwin.com.cn Feel free to contact us for Medical Device PCB Prototype / Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturing /Assembly needs!