Mid Volume PCB Assembly Services With The Best Price

Over 15 years in serving worldwide companies with custom circuit assembly services in various quality and quantity requirements, EastwinPCBA is fully capable of offering unbeatable mid volume PCB Assembly services while keeping total price within your budget.

Mid-Volume PCB Fabrication With High Quality
Mid-Volume PCB Fabrication With High Quality

A Quality Guarantee in Mid-Volume Assembly Service

EastwinPCBA is the leading PCB circuit board assembly specialist and  provide a complete PCB solution for our customers needing machine-populated PCBs, from quote to delivery. Our professional staff deliver on-time, quality-printed circuit board assemblies. They specialize in Quickturn, prototype and small to mid-volume assembly:

  • PCB circuit board assembly in as little as 24 hours
  • As few as one board
  • Full RoHS compliance available
  • Easy and complete online quote and order process
  • Kitted or turn-key processing available
  • Machine placement of parts from 0201 passives to high-pin BGAs
  • IPC-A-610 Class III and ITAR available

Our Capabilities

We are the specialist in the industry who offers highly dependable PCB assembly with rigid and flexible construction, mixed technology of SMT and PTH, SMOBC, multilayer and double sided walls. Our experts possess experience and know-how to work with a wide assortment of materials such as fiberglass, FR-4, polyester, polyamide, and PTFE. This extensive knowledge helps EastwinPCBA to offer our customers the most suited assemblies as expected for their specific applications. We use a variety of top-notch assembly methods to assemble two layered and multi layer PCB assembly that offer reliable performance in any application.

EastwinPCBA PCB assembly capabilities include:

  • Flexible for consignment or turnkey PCB assembly
  • Single or double sided assemblies upon request
  • SMT or PTH mixed assembly upon request
  • Assembly for Rigid FR-4, Rigid-Flex, Rogers, Aluminum
  • RoHS compliant manufacturing
  • Encapsulation and conformal coating
  • Processes designed by expert engineers
  • Lead-free PCB assemblies
  • Production quantities start shipping in 7 business days
  • Dedicated to on-time delivery
  • Online quote & order
  • Production areas are within an ESD and climate controlled environment
  • Conduct through designs review before PCB assembly begins to avoid costly errors
  • Assure superior service by responding to your most challenging PCB assembly requirements immediately
  • Possess expertise in providing PCB assembly services for defense, medical, communications, commercial and many other industries.
  • Offer additional service such as component sourcing, layout, rework, and destructive testing

Read more about our Printed Circuit Board Assembly capabilities:

EastwinPCBA was established to help and support customers to assemble their Mid-volume and prototype PCB orders. With years of rich experience in the field of printed circuit board assembly, we have gained expertise in fulfilling simple to highly complicated assembly orders with ease and in quick turnaround time. Our competent engineering and manufacturing team helps many customers to resolve their PCB assembly issues and in turn has received an incredible response from customers across all industries.

Getting a Mid Volume PCB Assembly quote is free and easy

please send your BOM file to mike@szeastwin.com.cn Your Information is under our privacy policy protection. Once we receive your files, we will send you an accurate quote with lead time options  Determine what lead time you would prefer, fill out the New Customer Form, and fax or email both documents back to us. You can also give us a call at our toll-free number +86-755-23573370-833 to talk directly to us during normal business hours.