Cheap Low Volume PCB Assembly, Small Volume PCB Fabrication

Low volume PCB assembly, also known as small volume PCB assembly, refers to an assembly of PCBs in the range of 25-5000 with Design for Manufacturability (DFM), and Design for Testability (DFT).

EastwinPCBA is an electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) providing turnkey services in small volume printed circuit board (PCB) assembly including parts procurement, PCB fabrication, as well as final assembly.

EastwinPCBA’s Low Volume PCB Assembly Capabilities

EastwinPCBA builds your low volume printed circuit boards using the same top-quality equipment, materials and processes that are used to produce production PCBs. Your quick turn, Small Quantity printed circuit boards are built to your specifications – to meet the requirements that you may have for a fully functional board for testing or design verification.

We currently provide placement of repair and placement of components on a 7mil pitch, BGA, μ-BGA, QFN, ultra-fine pitch QFP, CSP, FCP, and 0201 boards. Also, we provide PCB testing and inspection services such as optical inspection, and X-ray laminography, which allows us to inspect all solder joints meticulously.

Eastwinpcba ‘s  Low Volume PCB Assembly Service Include:

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Service

To avoid several engineering issues that may hamper the fabrication process, which could possibly cause delivery delays, we use a Design for Manufacturing (DFM) service that functions as a method of scrutinizing the quality of the customer’s engineering documents such as Gerber files, bill of materials, assembly drawings, and circuit diagrams. Additionally, it will panel the circuit boards, examine your components list to check its accuracy prior to the components being ordered, and recommend a solder mask to obtain high output rates. EastwinPCBA is able to give price discounts to its consumers due to incorporating its DFM service into its circuit board assembly.

Design for Testing (DFT) Service

To facilitate your circuit board testing process and provide suggestions on where to place test points throughout your circuit board, EastwinPCBA employs a Design for Testing (DFT) service. References regarding probe types, fixtures, and testing limitations are provided by this service. The DFT service will validate that your testing requirements, problem detection processes, problem-solving instructions, and other references are well-designed.

Pre-production Test Boards

To avoid the hazards and extra expense of reworking, EastwinPCBA will initially produce a limited number of circuit boards and dispatch them to you for examination before manufacturing the whole order. On confirmation of an order for complete production, we will check all manufactured circuit boards, and verify the ball grid array and the quality of the leadless component assembly by means of an X-ray inspection device. PCBs will not be shipped until all areas of concern have been addressed.

The Following is the Samples of Eastwin ‘S Low Volume PCB Assembly

Low volume PCB Fabrication

Custom Low Volume PCB manufacture

Cheap low volume pcb Boards

EastwinPCB ‘s Low Volume PCB Assembly to Reduce Your Costs

Eastwinpcba takes pleasure in maintaining long-lasting relationships with its customers. We give further cost savings to our long-term customers by not levying extra charges for NRE and stencils on subsequent orders. Furthermore, we also pass on cost per component discounts to our customers since we use component vendors who provide Asian Circuits volume discounts. Our worldwide distributor relationships enable us to procure quality components at economical rates. We make all efforts to ensure our consumers get the best quality that a turn-key circuit board service provider can give.

How To Obtain a Quote for your Low Volume PCB Fabrication

You can easily place a small-volume order and obtain a PCB assembly quote. Simply forward your BOM list and Gerber files to We will reply quickly.