Are you looking for Low Cost PCB Fabrication with High Quality?

When it comes to finding the very best prices on the market, let EastwinPCBA become the low cost PCB fabricator that’s right for you. A cheap PCB fabrication is not our goal; inexpensive high quality ones are! We provide competitively priced printed circuit board fabrication for thousands of design engineers, PCB assemblers, students, and hobbyists from around the world.

High quality PCBs at a Lower Cost!

Low Cost PCB Fabrication With High Quality
Low Cost PCB Fabrication With High Quality

We can provide you with domestic and offshore printed circuit boards that are not only at a low cost, but they also meet our stringent testing and quality standards. If you are ever unhappy with our low-cost PCB manufacturing services, we can quickly resolve any issues with our local in-house manufacturing capabilities. We aren’t just providing you with “cheap PCBs”, we are providing you with inexpensive PCBs that are of the highest quality! Don’t be tricked by other discounted PCB houses from China, make sure you are still getting the board quality that your PCB prototyping efforts demands.

Three differences between us and other low cost PCB manufacturers are:

  • We provide higher quality boards that are 100% Quality Warranty!
  • Faster lead times (24 hours for some PCBs)
  • Superior customer service (Dedicated account rep)

Simple to complex Low Cost PCB Fab Capabilities:

It doesn’t matter if you need simple double-sided printed circuit boards or highly complex multilayered PCBs, we have the capabilities to handle a variety of high-end requirements that other board shops can’t. We provide inexpensive printed circuit boards that have blind and buried vias, multi-layers (up to 22 layers), low tolerances, plugged and plated over vias, edge plating, tented vias, and more.

Get complex quick turn PCBs at a low cost with the highest quality. Read more about our low cost PCB fab capabilities:

Getting a Low Cost PCB quote is free and easy

please send your BOM file to¬† Your Information is under our privacy policy protection. Once we receive your files, we will send you an accurate quote with lead time options along with our “New Customer Form”. Determine what lead time you would prefer, fill out the New Customer Form, and fax or email both documents back to us. You can also give us a call at our toll-free number¬†+86-755-23573370-833 to talk directly to us during normal business hours.