How To Judge The Quality Of PCB Circuit Board Color?

PCB is mainly connected with electronic components. Color is not directly related to its performance. The color difference will not affect the performance of the electrical circuit. The performance of the circuit board is determined by the material, layout and the number of layers of the board. However, in the process of doing circuit boards, black is the most likely to cause color difference, if the circuit board factory using raw materials and manufacturing process slightly deviation, will cause color difference caused by the PCB circuit board rate rise. This will increase the cost of production.

Water Heater PCB Board
Water Heater PCB Board

The raw materials two, PCB circuit board is very common in our life, it is composed of glass fiber and resin etc.. Two kinds of combination, hardening and form a kind of heat insulation, insulation, not easy to bend the plate. This is the PCB substrate. In general, such as light by glass fiber and resin bond synthesized PCB substrate cannot be transmitted signal, so we will be covered with a layer of copper on the surface, and therefore we also call the PCB substrate for the copper circuit board circuit due to black PCB line illegible will increase maintenance and debugging stage of development and customer service the difficulty, if there is no general profound skill RD (R & D) design and powerful brand maintenance team, is not easily with black PCB. It can be said that the use of black PCB is a brand of RD design and maintenance team of the performance of confidence, from the side, is also a manufacturer of their own strength of a manifestation of self-confidence.

Based on the above causes the major PCB manufacturers in the choice of the PCB version of the design for the product, will be carefully considered. Therefore the formation of the current market shipments of most of the products with red PCB, green or blue PCB version, only in the high-end or top flagship product in order to see the black PCB, so don’t still think black PCB than the green PCB.

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