It’s common practice to have wave solder or hand assembly for through-hole on standard technology. But how do we handle through-hole assembly when a printed circuit board (PCB) has Ball Grid Array (BGA) components on both sides, dense boards, or through-hole components are very close to Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) parts? Hand soldering can have inconsistencies and wave solder might not be an option due to high costs of wave solder fixtures.

Automated selective solder will be the best solution for these technologies. This is the best way to assemble through hole components and get consistent high quality assembly that meets Class 3 requirements and money saving as well. We have equipped Automatic Selective machine for your special needs.

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We offer additional PCB assembly solutions:
• Turnkey and Consigned Assembly
• Quick turn prototypes, as fast as 5-10days
• Commercial, Medical or ITAR requirements
• Production capabilities
• Box build
• High Technology Assembly
You can combine PCB fabrication and assembly services and save yourself time and money.

You will receive fully fabricated and well-functioned assembled boards when you need them.

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