EastwinPCBA’s Immersion Silver PCB Manufacturing Capability

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Immersion silver PCB has it’s copper finished with a thin layer sillver, whose surface is very flat. It is an great development on HASL finished PCB and doing excellent on surface planarity, and could be used to replace immersion gold or immersion tin for most applications. And typical thickness of Ag in silver immersion PCB is around 5u’ – 12 u’.

The benefits of silver plated PCB are as below:

  • Flat surface on copper pads
  • RoHS compliant and re-workable
  • Cheaper than ENIG
  • Safer than immersion Tin
  • Low high frequency signal loss

The biggest disadvantage of silver PCB is easily getting tarnishing. So how to preserve the silver circuit board? Keep them in a dark, low moisture place, and the surrounding air should be low level of ozone and hydrogen sulfide. The PCBs with strong colors such as yellow or black should be kept far away from them in case discoloration. We recommend you to make them sealed in bags to exclude direct contact with air.

And the other disavantage of immersion silver PCB is handling sensitive . When handing the silver board, please avoid fingers contact with the immersion silver finish, wear the gloves when you have to. Generally the shelf time of silver plated circuit board is about 6 to 12 months, before assembly manufacturing, it’s better to make them a solderability test first. Furthermore, immersion sillver metallic solderability preservative is 0.1 to 0.2 micron layer of metallic silver coated with an organic layer of solderability preservative.

The silver immersion PCB supplied from EastwinPCBA with Ag thickness generally at 6 u’ to 10u’, our general specifications of Immersion silver PCB as below.

General specifications of hard gold circuit board as below.

Layer 1-16 layer
Quantity 1-50000+
Thickness 0.5mm-3.2mm
Copper 1oz-6oz
Soldermask White, Black(matt),Green(matt), Red, Yellow
Silkscreen Black, White, Yellow
Process Min. trace/space 4mil, Min. hole 0.15mm
Build time 24 Hrs-12 working days

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It is important to select the appropriate surface finish for your project by considering the various options while factoring in performance requirements and material costs.

For an example, if you are looking for the lowest cost Immersion Silver PCB project , then EastwinPCBA might seem like a good choice.
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