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Nowdays, Aluminum material play veryimportant in eletronic industry, so  Aluminum PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) are the most used  in all types of electronic devices. Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards is Contain a Thin Layer of Thermally Conductive Dielectric Material that Transfers Heat

LED Light PCB Sample
LED Light PCB Sample

Eastwin Trading Ltd has been offering aluminum PCB manufacturing services for over ten years. Our full feature aluminum circuit boards making capabilities and value-added options including Free DFM Check allow you to get high-quality aluminum PCBs done within budget. Aluminum PCBs printed by us are widely used for LED lighting, power equipment and automotive systems

Benefits of Aluminum PCBs

  • Heat dissipation is dramatically superior to standard FR-4 constructions.
  • The dielectrics used are typically 5 to 10 times as thermally conductive as conventional epoxy-glass and a tenth of the thickness
  • Thermal transfer exponentially more efficient than a conventional rigid PCB.
  • Lower copper weights than suggested by the IPC heat-rise charts can be used.

Aluminum PCB Board Function and Application:

Because aluminum PCB owns the high thermal conductivity. Aluminum plate is a unique metal-based CCL, with good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation properties and machinability. We should try to be close to the aluminum base PCB design, reducing the thermal resistance potting segment generated.

The characteristics of the aluminum panel:
1. The surface mount technology (SMT);
2. In the circuit design of eucalyptus is extremely effective treatment for thermal diffusion;
3. Lower operating temperature, improve the power density and reliability, prolong the service life of products;
4. Reduce the size of our product, reduce the hardware cost and assembly;
5. Replace the brittle ceramic substrates, better mechanical endurance.

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