PCB Reverse Engineering Service

At EastwinPCBA, we deliver specialized PCB engineering service for our OEM clients. If you are looking for mission critical design and product solutions, we can deliver in accordance to your requirements quickly and efficiently. We have a long established history of creating challenging and innovative products for our clients across the world. Get in touch with us today to find out what our engineers can fulfill your PCB needs.

EastwinPCBA offer another important Printed Circuit Board Reverse Engineering Services. We can take your sample, including components, and completely reverse engineer it. We create all the data you need to make duplicates.  We can even reverse engineer boards that include programmed IC’s, custom parts, and obsolete parts.

To begin, we identify every component on the board. We then create a rough bill of material for the project. The board is completely and carefully photographed. A photocopy of the board is blown up and mounted. Each component is removed and glued to its location on the photocopy. The bill of material is refined as values are measured for resistors and capacitors. When the bill of material is completed, parts are procured, the board is scanned on a calibrated scanner in order to recreate the trace pattern, and the new bare boards are created. A PCB sample completed assembly is sent to the customer to insure proper function prior to completing the project. This becomes a ‘golden board’ from which all others are duplicated.

What the PCB reverse engineering service delivers

  • Schematic diagrams and ORCAD DSN files, including all on-board point-to-point wiring diagrams
  • Bill of materials listing all components.
  • Parts Cross Reference and Obsolete components
  • Gerber files to intelligent CAD data conversion
  • PDF files for all schematics,PCB layouts, each separate layer, drill files, solder masks, and dimensions.
  • Optional: Individual data sheets on each component where available.

We focus on a strategy of continuous customer-centric innovation. The goal is to deliver timely solutions for anticipated and actual customer. EastwinPCBA has capable of providing services in terms of reverse engineering. Just need email us: mike@szeastwin.com.cn.