Lead-Free Printed Circuit Board Assembly

EastwinPCBA offers lead-free PCB assembly (Pb-Free) and RoHS-compliant circuit board assemblies.  We’ve been manufacturing RoHS compliant circuit boards since 2002 and know how to successfully convert your Bill of Materials by suggesting alternative parts that are RoHS compliant.

Lead-Free HASL PCB Board Assembly
Lead-Free HASL PCB Board Assembly

Our Lead-Free PCB services include:

  • Lead-Free Printed Circuit Boards
  • Lead-Free Rework
  • Lead-free Assembly (SMT or THA)
  • Lead-Free Wave Soldering
  • Lead-Free Materials Analysis

Our Lead-free PCB assembly service utilizes special assembly procedures to assure compliance with Lead-Free and RoHS PCB assembly standards. In addition to lead-free PCB assembly, we also provide support to you the transition of RoHS compliant circuit boards.

We not only assembles your lead-free boards but also assist you to determine if the materials in your Bill-of-Materials meet lead-free PCB manufacturing requirements. We can even search lead-free components for you and send you a Bill-of-Materials with the appropriate components as part of our Turn-Key lead-free proto assembly service.

All of our lead-free PCBs are made from UL certificated laminates which endure the high temperature and long duration lead-free assembly cycle (in excess of 260 degrees C). These laminates are suitable for lead-free assembly processes that require the laminate base material to bear temperatures in excess of 260 degrees C for extended periods of time. High-temperature laminates ensure the higher temperature cycling requirements for some lead-free PCB assembly applications.

EastwinPCBA is one of the leading manufacturers of proven PCB design and PCB assembly service to the electronics manufacturers. Our main strength lies in the extensive experience and skilled team of experts to build Lead-Free and RoHS Compliant PCB Assembly and manufacturing solution. To get more insights into the PCB assembly, design and prototyping services,  you can drop an email to mike@szeastwin.com.cn or give us a call at +86-755-23573370-833 to solve your queries or to get a quote.

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