Impedance Control PCB Manufacturing

 What is Impedance?

Impedance Control PCB Manufacturer
Impedance Control PCB Manufacturer

Impedance is the effective resistance of an electric circuit to alternating current, arising from the combined effects of Ohmic Resistance and Reactance. Transmission lines are for signal delivery in PCB and its Impedance depends on the length and width of the lines and also the insulation base material called substrate.

What is Control Impedance?

Unless you have carefully designed the trace and its environment, impedance is typically “uncontrolled”, meaning that impedance will vary in value from point to point along the trace.

At high frequencies, PCB traces do not behave like simple connections, controlled impedance helps us ensure that signals are not degraded as they route around a PCB.

Essentially, controlled impedance is the matching of substrate material properties with trace dimensions and locations to ensure the impedance of a trace’s signal is within a certain percentage of a specific value. Control impedance boards provide repeatable high-frequency performance.

EastwinPCBA’s Impedance Control PCB Manufacturing Sample

6 Layers Impedance Control PCB

Impedance Control PCB Circuit Boards

Impedance Control PCB

Applications of Control Impedance PCB Boards

Controlled Impedance should be considered for PCBs used in fast digital applications such as:

– Telecommunications

– Computing 100MHz and above

– High Quality Analog Video

– Signal Processing

– RF Communication

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