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What is FR4?

FR-4, is a widely acceptable international grade desination for fiberglass reinforced epoxy laminated that are flame retardant (self extinguishing). After add copper layer on one or each side FR4, it become to Copper Clad Laminate (CCL), and this is the non-conductive core materail for normal printed cricuit board (PCB). Printed circuit board using FR4 as core material will be named as “FR4 PCB”.

FR4 on a PCB tells you about the grade designation of the flame-retardant fiberglass that is reinforced by epoxy material. The heath withstanding capabilities of FR4 PCB is much higher than a standard PCB. FR4 PCB comes as one of the four versions that are given below, the classification is based on the number of copper trace layers in the material.

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FR4 PCB Manufacturing Sample

Custom FR4 PCB Boards

4 Layer FR4 Printed Circuit Board

Double sided FR4 PCB

We offer you an extensive range of high-temperature PCB that is perfect for your project. FR4 PCB is just one among our choices for high-temperature PCB. Please contact our technical team to get the recommendations that are suitable for your project. Our high-temperature PCBs are used in automotive industry, high-temperature electronic application, etc.

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