CEM-3 PCB Board
CEM-3 PCB Board

CEM-3 PCB Manufacturing

CEM-3 is used by composite epoxy material, and it is very similar to the most commonly used PCB material, FR-4. Its color is white, and it is flame-retardant. It is lower cost than FR4.

EastwinPCBA is an experienced PCB and PCBA manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. After several years’ developing and improving, our company establishes our main business in three principal areas-Printed Circuit Boards, PCB Assembly and Components Procurement. From prototype to mass production, we are able to guarantee a complete service with technical backup, offering a cost advantage and continuity of supply.

EastwinPCBA’s PCB Assembly Services Provided

We have an expertise in a wide range of PCB assembly services, and this has helped us reach to the level that we are at today. Following are the different areas in which we can provide you PCB assembly services:

  1. Lead Free Assembly
  2. Through-Hole PCB Assembly
  3. Surface Mount PCB Assembly
  4. Turnkey PCB assembly
  5. Mixed Technology PCB Assembly
  6. Quick Turn PCB Assembly
  7. Cable and Wire Harness Assembly
  8. Box Build Assembly
  9. BGA Assembly Services
  10. Consigned PCB Assembly

If you’re looking for a quality CEM-3 PCB Boards provider, EastwinPCBA can help. Contact us at mike@szeastwin.com.cn, or call us at +86-755-23573370-833.