Professional 10 Layers PCB Manufacturer

10 Layers PCB Circuit Boards
10 Layers PCB Circuit Boards

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We have the PCB manufacturing capabilities to build simple double-sided boards to complex multilayer PCBs. Please review the example printed circuits below and let us know if you have any questions or would like a formal quote:

Our 10 Layers PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

At EastwinPCBA, we get a number of clients who consistently inquire about 10 Layers PCBs. The advances in resin technology and utilization of high-grade prepreg have allowed us to steadily meet this demand. In our 10 layer PCB boards, we utilize prepreg glass cloth sheets and copper foils for the outer levels. We then create the layers, interchanging between pretreated cores and prepreg.

We utilize high-quality presses to bond the layers together. The 10 layer stack is first placed under a press to pin the baseplates and the stack together. The PCB is then placed in a bonding press, which uses heat and pressure to bond the layers together. The heat cures the resin in the prepreg and the pressure bonds the various layers.

The following files would be needed for the 10-layers PCB production:

Multi Layers 1-2-4
PCB Material FR-4
Available Color Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black
Silk Screen White, Black (For White Solder Mask only)
Maximum Size 45cm X 120cm
Minimum Qty 5pcs
Board Thickness 0.6mm,0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm
Thickness Tolerance (t≥1.0mm) ± 10%
Thickness Tolerance (t<1.0mm) ± 0.1mm
Insulation Layer Thickness 0.075mm–5.00mm
Minimum PCB track 6mil (Recommend >8mil)
Minimum Track/Vias Space 6mil (Recommend >8mil)
Minimum pads Space 8mil
min clearance between traces and through holes (Plug-in) 16mil
Minimum silkscreen text size 32mil
Out Layer Copper Thickness 1oz(35um)
Inner Layer Copper Thickness 1oz(35um)
Drilling Hole (Mechanical) 0.3mm—6.35mm
Drill Diameter Tolerance (unplated) 0.05mm
Drill Diameter Tolerance (plated) 0.1mm
Outline Tolerance (Mechanical) ±0.20mm
Aspect Ratio 8:1
Solder Mask Type Photosensitive ink
SMT min Solder Mask Width 0.25mm
Min Solder Mask Clearance 0.25mm
Solder Mask Thickness 15um
Surface Finish HASL, HASL (Lead Free), ENIG.

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