Custom Manufacturing of Quality Double Sided FR4 SMT PCB from EastwinPCBA

Today, double sided printed circuit board technology is perhaps the most popular type of PCB in the industry. Eastwin’s PCB Assembly manufacturing includes double sided PCBs for a wide range of applications from medical to industrial controls. This is a segment that is decreasing as our customer’s demands for high layer count boards increases.

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Benefits of Double Sided PCBs:

  • More flexibility for designers
  • Increased circuit density
  • Relatively lower costs
  • Intermediate level of circuit complexity
  • Reduced board size (which can reduce costs)

How to identify a board is double-sided or double-sided printed circuit board?

These questions may be fuzzy for green hands new engaged in printed circuits filed. It is frequently heard single sided board, double sided pcb, multilayer pcb, aluminum pcb, impedance pcb board, FPC circuits board etc..But usually they couldn’t be distinguished. Today we will lead these new friends learn about how to confirm double layer pcb.

Strictly speaking, double sided circuit board is a kind of very important PCB. It is widely used. To recognize a double-sided PCB board is also very simple. After you understand what is single layer pcb, two side pcb is the extension of one side pcb. When a single side circuit is not enough, it will need to go to the opposite side. There will be conductor/line on both two sides. Two Layer pcb with another feature is that it have PTH vias. Simply speaking, double sided pcb is with two-sided traces, top layer and bottom layer.

Some may ask a pcb with double side traces, but only one side electronic components, is double layer board or single layer? The answer is obvious, such board is double-sided, just assembly component at one side( component sides).

Applications of Eastwin’s Double Sided PCBs

There are near limitless applications for old and new designs. Fine line surface mount, ultra high copper build, high and low temperature, Solder coated, Silver, and Gold finishes are just a few examples of DSPT applications.

The following are applications in which Double Sided PCBs can be used:

  • Industrial controls
  • Power supplies
  • Converters
  • Control relays
  • Instrumentation
  • Regulators
  • UPS systems
  • Power conversion
  • HVAC
  • LED lighting
  • Hard drives
  • Printers
  • Phone systems
  • Power monitoring
  • Automotive dashboards
  • Line reactors
  • Test equipment
  • Amplifiers
  • Traffic systems
  • Vending machines

Eastwin Trading Ltd have capacity to produce FR4 double-sided PCB from double-sided PCB to multilayer pcb with various technology required, the quantity could be from quick turn pcb prototypes to medium volume.With our PCB Assembly services, our customer can get one-stop convenience and single point of support for both of PCB manufacturing and Assembly, so that efficiently save customer’s cost and time.