Custom Cable Manufacturing and Wire Harness Assembly

Cable Manufacturing and Wire Harness Assembly
Cable Manufacturing and Wire Harness Assembly

Cable and wire harness assemblies feature an assembly of wires, as well as cables that are used to transmit electrical power. Hence, these products are used in various industries and applications. At EastwinPCBA Trading LTD, we provide customized cable harnesses and assemblies to customers in various industrial segments like pharmaceutical, medical, automotive, and power generation. You can increase your application’s performance and productivity by taking advantage of Eastwin’s wire harness product range and assembly expertise.

EastwinPCBA’s Cable and Wire Harness Assembly Services

Eastwin designs customized wiring assemblies for automotive systems, electronics, computers, HVAC controls, and more. Each solution is customized to meet industry and regulatory stands. All our prospective customers can take advantage of the following cable and wire harness assembly services provided by us:

  • Prototype development
  • Connector tooling
  • Wire leads and sets
  • Assembly packaging
  • Printing on heat shrink
  • Automated wire processing
  • Sonic welding
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Braiding

Whether it is a simple wiring harness assembly, or customized wire harnesses and cable assemblies, Eastwin can provide precise solutions at competitive prices. Contact us today via phone at 909.355.5400, or email us at know more.

from simple, point-to-point, to complex multiple-branch multiconductor and fiber  optic harnesses, we provide customer wiring harnes manufacturing as well as cable harness to commercial, military and industrial markets. Contact us today via phone at 86-75523573370, or email us at to know more.