Burn-in Boards

EastwinPCBA Burn In Boards
EastwinPCBA Burn In Boards

Burn-in boards are used to perform electrical stress tests at high temperatures. The process is done to the components prior to regular use to ensure component reliability.
The PCB burn-in process is usually done at 125ºC, with electrical excitation applied to the samples. The burn-in process is facilitated by using burn-in boards where the samples are loaded. These burn-in boards are then inserted into the burn-in oven which supplies the necessary voltages to the samples while maintaining the oven temperature at 125ºC. The electrical bias applied may either be static or dynamic.

EastwinPCBA Burn In Boards Manufacturing

With years experience in electronic manufacturing services (EMS) industry, EastwinPCBA have great capabilities of burn in board manufacturing. We are featured as through-process of PCB manfacturing (without any sourcing process), sophisticated process control and well equipped facilities. Many big global customers select us not only for our handwares, but also our sincerity of cooperation, big resolution of fixing problems. All of these will make our customers stay in comfortable area without any hassle.

As a PCB manufacturer, we aim to find the most appropriate laminates, processing and burn in base after many times study of 5 categories and 22 types of burn in products. There are 4 laminate options perspectively used for high temperature burn in board, high temperature & humidity burn in board, programing board and test substrate. We are concentrated on each burn in board PCB manufacturing and try our best to delivery them in shortest lead time.

EastwinPCBA Burn In Boards Services:

  • Design, layout, and test for burn-in boards of all types, sizes, and complexities
  • Prototype to Production quantities
  • Engineering support for designs of all complexities
  • Mechanical design for custom heatsinks
  • Vector development available

EastwinPCBA Burn In Boards Features:

  • Dedicated and universal board designs
  • 2 to 22+ layers of polymide
  • 200°C maximum temperature
  • Gold-plated connectors and socket lands
  • All burn-in board styles available
  • Loader/unloader compatibilityLoader/unloader compatibilityBGA, LGA, PGA, QFP, TSOP, micro-BGA, SOJ, PLCC, DIP, or custom-designed sockets
  • -55°C to +150°C temperature range (up to 250°C with special board materials)
  • Tin-lead or tin-silver wave soldering
  • Loader/unloader compatibility

EastwinPCBA burn-in boards meet commercial and military requirements for high temperature burn-in and reliability testing of electrical components, including 85 degrees C/85% RH testing. Computer aided design ensures high reliability and maximum density.  EastwinPCBA burn-in board designs are optimized for power bus current , minimum cross talk, and highest frequency performance through controlled impedance design and fabrication.