Box Build Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

Complete Electromechanical Box Build Assembly Services

Box build assembly, also known as systems integration is an electromechanical assembly process, which involves fabrication of enclosures, installation of cables or wire harnesses, and installation of components and sub-assemblies. Eastwin’s box build assembly services are part of a broad range of electromechanical assembly, and full system integration services.

EastwinPCBA’s Box Build Assembly Services

Box Build assembly is at the heart of several industries, and lots of different types of projects and components. We have the expertise that you need to get your project going. Some of the box build assembly projects and services provided by us are as follows:

  • Product Assembly
  • Sub-level Product Assembly
  • System Level Assembly
  • Complete Product Testing including Functional, Environmental, and Burn-In
  • Software Loading
  • Complete System Integration
  • Packaging and Labeling including Barcoding
  • Direct Shipment

Competitive Advantages of Box Build Assembly Services at EastwinPCBA

EastwinPCBA Trading Ltd works closely with its clients to ensure high product quality and results. The following points confirm our success in building quality box build assemblies.

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities
  • Vast resource pool of testing equipment and automated tools
  • Strict adherence to quality procedures
  • Experienced IPC trained production assembly staff
  • Well-developed global and domestic supplier networks for sourcing custom manufactured components
  • Cost-effective assembly services
  • Competence in assembling box builds for a variety of complex applications and equipment protection levels
  • Technical support services

With Eastwin’s services, you can expect quality box build assemblies at cost effective prices. Contact us today via phone at +86-75523573370, or email us at to know more.