The Premier PCB Solution for the Automotive industry

Manufacturer of Automotive PCB Assembly. Our product range also comprises of SMT PCB Assembly, LED PCB Assembly Board and Prototype PCB Assembly. With our vast experience & knowledge in this field, we are engaged in manufacturing a quality-assured range of Automotive PCB Assembly.

In the automotive sector, Eastwin Trading Ltd is the strategic supplier of advanced-technology, medium- to high-volume, high reliability printed circuit boards (PCBs) to automotive electronics manufacturers. We support the full range of our automotive customers’ PCB needs – from regional prototypes and QTAs to high-volume production and from standard products to the most advanced technologies.

Our PCBs are used in a broad variety of applications, ranging from safety critical components as airbags, braking, steering and collision avoidance or radar systems to engine control Units and infotainment systems PCBs for the Automotive industry require high reliability, long life service, at a highly competitive rate. The sector consists of passenger vehicles, trucks, trailers, sub assemblies, and dealer support systems.

Eastwin Trading Ltd provides printed circuit boards that offer a wide range of materials, composites, and construction, that perform well in the rigors of the automotive world. We produce display PCBs, circuits for engines and various electronic components such as stereo systems.

High Temperature laminates, copper and aluminum substrates perform very well in harsh automotive applications. Eastwin Trading Ltd supplies a vast array of laminates with copper weights that are unrivaled in our industry. Differential copper plated is unique to Eastwin. Twenty ounce copper on side one and one ounce copper on side two would be a typical configuration of differential copper. This technique offers signal application on one side and high power on the other. Eastwin is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

The following represents a few automotive applications:

  • Power relays
  • ECL/ECU control modules
  • Antilock brake systems
  • Digital displays
  • Transmission sensors
  • On board radar
  • Stereo and audio components
  • DC/AC power converters
  • Engine timing systems
  • Electronic mirror controls
  • Interior LED lighting systems

Eastwin’s Automotive PCB Assembly Samples:

Automotive car PCB circuit board

GPS Tracker PCB Circuit Boards

Car Alarm System PCB Assembly

Eastwin’s Automotive PCB Assembly Features:

  • Easy to install
  • High component density
  • Sturdiness

If you wish to know more about our automotive pcb assembly services, please email your specifications to You can also contact us via phone at +86-75523573370.