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SMT PCB Assembly Problems and Solutions

The success of a surface mounted PCB assembly depends on a great deal on the components that are used in the manufacturing process. There are times that certain components (that are supposedly RoHS compliant) end up overheating and get damaged within a short period of time. Some of these include capacitors, connectors, resistors, and flat […]

The Types of Aluminum PCB, Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards

About Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards Most common among metal-core printed circuit boards is the aluminum PCB. This type of printed circuit board is built on top of an aluminum alloy base, instead of a fiberglass base. The alloy usually consists of a combination of magnesium, aluminum and silumin, altering the properties of the metal to […]

China Multilayer PCB Assembly and Manufacturing

Multilayer printed circuit boards feature more than two layers of conductors separated by a dielectric layer, in which the internal conductors are usually connected using plated through holes. The coatings are used on one, or both sides. EastwinPCBA specializes in multilayer PCB assembly as part of our overall service commitment to PCB assembly. We offer […]

You need Know About Double Sided More Core PCBs

Double sided more core PCB’s (MCPCBs) are prominent features of high technology applications. These PCBs are gaining popularity over single layer PCBs due to various advantages that they offer. It is quite obvious for you to ask how they differ from a single layer or double layer PCBs. What advantages do they offer? What are […]

PCB Testing and Inspection Services at EastwinPCBA

At EastwinPCBA, we strive to provide high quality PCB assemblies in quick turnaround time. To ensure optimum quality, our PCBs are closely inspected and tested throughout their design and manufacturing stages. We have the right equipment and experienced staff capable of testing PCBs to ensure that they offer exceptional performance when used in industrial applications. […]