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Why to Use HDI PCBs?

High-Density Interconnect (HDI) are integral elements of advanced electronics. They are referred by a variety of names, such as Microvia Process (MVP), Sequence Build Up (SBU), and Build Up Multilayer Boards (BUM). These PCBs are loaded with technical characteristics, which make them ideal for today’s devices demanding excellent performance, and lightweight designs. Now Let us […]

The Tips on Heavy Copper PCB Design

Nowadays, heavy copper PCB (copper thickness >4oz) has become popular in PCB industry because it is suitable for high-voltage and high-power application, as most PCBs are manufactured just for low-voltage or low-power application with traces generally contain from 0.5oz to 3oz copper weight. 1. For weights greater than 4oz, it is generally recommended to double […]

Best China Aluminum PCB Manufacturer

Aluminum printed circuit boards are also known as metal base PCBs, and are comprised of metal-based laminates covered by copper foil circuit layers. They are made of alloy plates that are a combination of aluminum, magnesium and silumin (Al-Mg-Si). Aluminum PCBs deliver excellent electrical insulation, good thermal potential, and high machining performance, and they differ […]

Your One Stop Services for Electronic products Industry Printed Circuit Board Assembly

EastwinPCBA has over 15 years of experience in producing PCB assemblies for industrial electronic products. We build rugged, high-quality PCB products that can stand up to the wear and tear of the harsh work environments found in industrial applications. We have extensive knowledge and experience in providing printed circuit boards to organizations in oil and […]

PCB Surface Finishes is Available In EastwinPCBA

The surface of printed circuit boards (PCB) is made of copper to ensure electric currents flow efficiently. These metals require appropriate protection from the elements to avoid oxidation and other corrosion. A range of finish types provides different levels of protection against deterioration. They also aid in certain use, such as with soldering. Various circuit […]

Creating Your Next Automotive PCB from EastwinPCBA

These Automotive PCB boards have revolutionized the way we drive and use our vehicles, from engine controls and airbag sensors to anti-lock brake management and even GPS support. Almost every modern convenience in the car in your driveway or the fleet in your business’ yard relies on automotive PCBs. And as we add more heads-up […]

EastwinPCBA’s Immersion Silver PCB Manufacturing Capability

Equipped with a professional and thriving immersion silver PCB fabrication, EastwinPCBA is one of the transcendent manufacturers of silver circuit board, silver immersion pcb, silver plated pcb, silver plated circuit board. Welcome to visite Immersion silver PCB has it’s copper finished with a thin layer sillver, whose surface is very flat. It is an […]

China 6 Layer Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturing Services

What is 6-layer PCB Six layers board refers to printed circuit board that has six layers conductive patterns, the board is fabricated through the lamination with insulating material MOKOPCB provides a variety of 6 Layer PCB, 6 Layer PCB Design, 6 Layer PCB stackup, 6 layer circuit board, 6 layer PCB thickness that meets their […]