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High value one-stop China PCB Assembly Service from Eastwin

Eastwin Trading Ltd is PCB&PCBA manufacturer which specialized in quick turn prototype and mass production in China. The company produces PCBs of various types, and from different materials. Rigid pcb from 1 layer to 18 layers, FPCB from 1 layer to 4 layers, SMT&DIP Assembly.We trust the high quality , the competitive price and the […]

Eastwin Tell you How to Check and Defend PCB Short Circuit?

Electronic products repair encountered one of the most problem is the short circuit, short circuit to PCBA damage caused by large, small to burn to PCBA components, scrap. We only try to avoid short circuit, must grasp the production of each step, not every possible point inspection. (1) if manual welding, to develop good habits, […]

Eastwin ‘s Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards Perfectly Solute Your PCB Projects

Eastwin Trading Ltd  is an Experienced Aluminum PCB Manufacturer Aluminum Based PCBs are a unique metal-based copper clad laminate. These types of Printed Circuit Boards have good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and very solid machining performance. These types of are typically fabricated with a metal base consisting of aluminum (most common) but can also be […]

PCB Repair and Rework Services

PCB repair and rework  services is as essential a process as manufacturing.. With PCB-driven electronic assemblies gaining popularity, OEMs and other manufacturers cannot afford to have non-working or broken PCBs. Ensuring that any design flaw or damaged PCB component is repaired immediately will help maintain the PCB’s performance.we help our clients to maintain their PCBs […]

Eastwin Trading Ltd is an Experienced Aluminum PCB Manufacturer

Nowdays, Aluminum material play veryimportant in eletronic industry, so  Aluminum PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) are the most used  in all types of electronic devices. Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards is Contain a Thin Layer of Thermally Conductive Dielectric Material that Transfers Heat Eastwin Trading Ltd has been offering aluminum PCB manufacturing services for over ten years. […]

What is PCB E-TEST ?

E-Electronic test for PCB is very important,Through E test, since there is only PCB PCB can be used 100%. All PCB Eastwin manufacturing through the electronic testing before the final quality control. Electronic test shortens the electrical test. Electronic testing process to ensure that all the PCB before delivery to the customer without short circuit or […]