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How to Improve Through-Hole Assembly Consistency…Automated Selective Solder!

It’s common practice to have wave solder or hand assembly for through-hole on standard technology. But how do we handle through-hole assembly when a printed circuit board (PCB) has Ball Grid Array (BGA) components on both sides, dense boards, or through-hole components are very close to Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) parts? Hand soldering can have inconsistencies […]

To prevent Printed Circuit Board defects with AOI

In the world of electronic products, Printed Circuit Board is an important role, it’s hard to imagine that one functional electronic products have no PCB, so the PCB quality will have big influence for electronic products if can work well. It’s important that EASTWIN always pay the most attention to improve PCB quality 1, integrated online visual inspection In order to detect the resulting defects in the […]

Ten Common problems About PCB Design

PCB design is based on the circuit principle diagram, circuit designers to achieve the required functions.Good layout can reduce production cost, achieve good performance in the process of PCB design and thermal performance, we should pay attention to the following questions: First of all, overlapping pad In the process of drilling, because some bit of […]

You Must Know About Tips of LED Printed Circuit Boards

LED means light emitting diode,PCB is printed Circuit board.So, led PCB is printed circuits board for light emitting diode.Currently in order to provide LED lighting’s life, LED lighting factory always use Metal core PCB for solder the LEDs Chip to the Circuit boards! As Metal Core PCB means the base material for PCB is metal, […]