PCB Assembly Solutions for Aerospace and Satellite Industry

Aerospace and Satellite Industry PCB Solutions

In this present world of competition, with its growing requirements posing a specific and crucial consideration for electronic manufacturing and design solutions, meanwhile, The aerospace industry requires printed circuits with high reliability in extreme conditions, such as satellite PCBs that must perform in space or circuits on a commercial passenger jet.

Eastwin Trading Ltd has become one of the leading provider to serve the aerospace industry with low-volume PCB assembly, high-mix facilities, advanced assembly technology and multi layered quick turn prototypes. Our prowess reaches to manufacturing low volume single and double-sided PCBs to complex multilayer PCBs with time critical designs.

Eastwin’s Aerospace and Satellite Industry PCB  Capabilities:

Following are some of the popular solutions we provide for challenging aerospace applications:

  • Anodized aluminum is utilized for PCB construction to eliminate the influence of heat-induced oxidation.
  • High temperature laminates, along with aluminum and copper substrates perform ideally in challenging aerospace environments.
  • Aluminum substrates when used with thermally conductive prepregs for PCB designing offer optimum performance with weight reduction.

Types of PCBs We Provide For the Aerospace Industry

We provide PCB assembly services for following types of printed circuit boards:

  • Flex PCBs
  • Rigid PCBs
  • Rigid-Flex PCBs
  • Single Sided PCBs
  • Multi-layer PCBs
  • Double Sided PCBs

All these types are commonly utilized in electrical devices and applications in aerospace and industry.

Applications of Eastwin’s PCBs in the Aerospace Industry

Eastwin offers innovative PCB solutions along with sensors for aerospace and defense applications. Our components are generally fitted into the following aerospace application industries:

  • Power supplies
  • Power transformers
  • Navigation systems
  • Temperature sensors
  • Control tower systems
  • LED Lighting systems
  • Audio interface applications
  • APU (Auxiliary Power Units)
  • Radio communication systems
  • Radar and monitoring systems

At Eastwin, we make sure to manufacture and supply PCBs of highest quality and efficiency level that would be fit for your various aerospace and satellite-based applications. Our expert and experienced staff are highly qualified in producing flawless PCB assemblies that meet all your industrial purposes and requirement without any flaw or defect.

If you wish to know more about our PCB manufacturing and assembly services for the aerospace industry, just email your specifications to mike@szeastwin.com.cn. You can also contact us via phone at +86-75523573370.